Stainless Steel Stamping

Stamping of Stainless Steel Wire Protector

This stainless steel wire protector spring is used within a terminal block for the electrical industry. Our superior straightening and forming methods gave us an edge over our competitors to hold the required tight tolerance of +-.003.

We began by custom designing and building tooling specifically for the customer's project. Utilizing a Bihler RM 35 stamping and forming machine, we stamped and formed the .848" long, .145" wide, .178" high and .008" thick springs.

After stamping, the 301 stainless steel springs were heat treated, inspected, tested, and shipped to the client's Bowling Green, Ohio location.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tooling was designed and built in house
Stamping Forming
Heat Treatment
In-Process Inspection
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Bihler RM 35 Punch/Forming Machine
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: .848"
Width: .145"
Height: .178"
Thickness: .008"
Tightest Tolerances ±.003"
Material Used 301 Stainless Steel
Material Finish Natural
Inspection/Testing Performed
In-Process Inspection
Final Inspection
Functional Compression Testing
Estimated Part Weight 0.00036 lb. each / 0.36 lb. per 1000
Industry for Use Electrical
Volume 1,200,000 Annually
Delivery Location Bowling Green, Ohio
Standards Met Customer Supplied CAD Print
Product Name Wire Protector Spring