High Speed Copper Stamping

High Speed Stamping of Copper

These copper contacts are used in the electrical industry.

We began by designing and building a custom stamping tool specifically for this project. Utilizing a 30-ton Bruderer press, we stamped the copper contacts at an impressive rate of 400 strokes per minute, all while holding a tight tolerance of +-.002". The final product had a .200" radius and measured .850" high, .178" wide, and .040" thick.

After inspection and testing, we delivered 500,000 to 1,000,000 of the .0065 lb parts to our customer's Bowling Green, Ohio location annually.

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Capabilities Applied/Processes
Designed and built the tool
High Speed Stamping 400 strokes per minute
In-Process Inspection
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part 30 Ton Bruderer Press
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: .850"
Width: .178"
Thickness: .040"
Radius: .200"
Tightest Tolerances +-.002"
Material Used 110 Copper
Material Finish Natural
Inspection/Testing Performed In-Process Inspection
Measure Material Thickness and Width Every Coil Change
Estimated Part Weight .0065 lb. each / 6.5 lbs. per 1000
Industry for Use Electrical
Volume 500,000 to 1,000,000 Annually
Delivery Location Bowling Green, Ohio
Standards Met Customer Supplied CAD Print
Product Name Copper Contact